Sunday, October 26, 2014

Inquiry sent to Candidate Miner Regarding Re-Usage of Content in Q&A Response

Note: Ryan Miner has responded. You can read his response here.

Today WashCo Chronicle was notified that Board of Education candidate Ryan Miner may have re-used content in answering the Q&A published by WashCo Chronicle.

An inquiry has been sent to Mr. Miner's campaign regarding this issue, and his response will be posted once it has been received.

Below is the inquiry sent to Mr. Miner, as well as the screenshots which were provided.

I was recently send the attached images regarding your Q&A which is published at
According to the email I was sent, small sections of the response you provided comes from the following web pages:
Did your campaign intentionally re-use content from these websites when answering the Q&A, and if so, what is your justification for re-using their content?
Ken Buckler
Editor, WashCo Chronicle

Article by Ken Buckler, Editor