Thursday, August 29, 2019

Citizens Above Partisanship Hosts Education Panel for Washington County

Photo by Ken Buckler
HAGERSTOWN, MD - On Monday, Citizens Above Partisanship hosted an education discussion panel at the Washington County Free Library. The panel, featuring Caren Cramer Executive Director of the WCPS Education Foundation and Paul Frey Vice-President of OnTrack Washington County Board of Directors, covered local education concerns ranging from post-secondary education paths to education funding.

“Because the economy’s changed based on technology, based on all kinds of issues, and so what we’re suggesting at OnTrack is we want cradle to we’re suggesting if there’s a career, what steps do you have to take for that career.” stated Frey when discussing OnTrack Washington County and its impact on education in Washington County.

Another topic discussed was national vs local control of education. “I do believe that states should have control over their education system, and filter that to the local counties.” said Cramer.

A very engaged audience asked the speakers some tough questions regarding local education topics. A recording of the full panel discussion will be posted later this week on Citizens Above Partisanship’s YouTube Channel and their Facebook page.

Article by Ken Buckler, Editor of WashCo Chronicle.

Disclaimer: Ken is also the communications director for Citizens Above Partisanship.
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