Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WC Parents Launches "Vote Washington County" Group

WC Parents, the Facebook page for Washington County parents, has launched an initiative to keep parents informed informed of factual election and candidate information.
Vote Washington County is brought to you by WC Parents. Here you will find election and candidate information, links to articles, forums and news. Elections can be confusing and information is often missed due to our full and busy lives. We have several moderators who are here to help you and keep you updated on all the local news, especially focusing on our school board candidates.
Your moderators are: Dottie Gruhler, Michael Frevert, Stacey Green, Jen Paugh and Jennifer White.
We invite you to share factual information, events and news that would help assist your fellow community members and parents!
 Anyone interested in joining can request approval at the Facebook Group.

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