Monday, November 23, 2015

P-Tech Program Could Help Washington County Grow

According to the Washington Post, "Under the P-Tech (Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools) model, students spend six years navigating a high school and college curriculum tailored to prepare them for high-tech jobs."

Below is my recent letter to Governor Hogan regarding the P-Tech program, which was recently discussed in the Washington Post. I hope that my letter can help to implement this program in our area.

Governor Hogan,
I am writing to you regarding the P-Tech program, which I read about at
As a cyber security professional and lifelong resident of Washington County, I would like to encourage you to establish a P-Tech program in Hagerstown. While Hagerstown Community College has excellent IT oriented education, we must provide an additional push to increase interest at the High School level.
Washington County was hit hard this year, with the loss of 528 jobs, through layoffs from Radio Shack, Home Depot, and BB&T. Our local economy is in a slump, and an educational program such as this may be exactly what Hagerstown would need to attract tech companies to our community, through a steady supply of IT-oriented graduates. Our community is strategically located within driving distance of Frederick, MD, Martinsburg, WV, and Letterkenny Army Depot in PA - three communities with a large federal IT presence, creating tremendous career opportunities for students upon graduating college with high-demand skill sets. With the P-Tech program, Hagerstown would be extremely attractive to new and relocating companies to set up shop.
I would absolutely love to sit down with yourself or members of your staff and further discuss why Hagerstown is a perfect location for the P-Tech program. Additionally, I would like to offer my insight and assistance as a cyber security professional, and lifelong resident, on helping implement this program in our area.
I love my community, and want to see it succeed. Please, help me help my community.
Ken Buckler
Editor, WashCo Chronicle

Ken Buckler is the editor of the WashCo Chronicle