Sunday, November 2, 2014

Comptroller of Maryland Candidate Interview with Anjali Phukan, Write-In

The following is a guest post/interview conducted by David Malekar, who regularly contributes content to the WashCo Chronicle. The interviewee, Anjali Phukan, is the write-in candidate for Comptroller of Maryland. You can contact Anjali through the website,

A very big thank you to Anjali for participating in this interview.

DM: Thank you Anjali for the opportunity to take the time for this interview.  What would you like to readers to know about your background and desire to run as Comptroller of Maryland?
 I graduated from Trinity in DC Summa Cum Laude. I then passed the CPA exam and received an MBA from American in DC. I also have a recent Masters in Information systems with a 4.0 GPA from UMBC, and years of experience in auditing/compliance of both accounting records and

I want to make Maryland a safer and more secure place, free from hardships as the result of inefficient and wasteful spending – at the state and federal level. I also want to help re-create our middle class, while helping the “rich elite” recover from money addiction and the poor become employed in living wage jobs.
DM:  What would you say is the most critical changes and ideas you are bringing to the table as Comptroller of Maryland.
 I have a long list of changes and ideas, but the top 5 are:

Remove tolls and interest assessments.

Increase audits of agencies and contracts, as well as personal,
business, and non-profits taxes.

Increase accessibility of the Comptroller's office on line and at
satellite offices.

Only give universal tax breaks to all, instead of just select big businesses.

Start using different types of funds to protect emergency management,
pensions and education.
DM:  Determination has been a huge factor in your campaign during this election year.  With such positive energy, what do plan on doing day one as Comptroller of Maryland?
AP:  In-processing, a building tour, and icebreakers / team building activities with new and returning workers.
DM:  Long term, what would you like to see put into place, especially any specifics that would only be made possible with you, Anjali Phukan as Comptroller of Maryland?
AP:  I am offering the deputy comptroller position to the 2nd place candidate, and an assistant comptroller position to the 3nd place candidate, as the 2nd and 3rd most qualified person. This also should build cooperative leadership, from which the bi-partisan arguments seem to deviate. I think it would be great if we could all learn to be humble to our defects, tolerant of others, and simply get along and get things done. I would like good-will to be a long term sentiment in the comptroller's office.
DM:  Would you mind describing what voters would need to do to ensure their vote for you was counted accurately?
AP:  I plan on doing a ballot audit with some other write-in and 3rd party candidates, and other interested people. I think it will be a great experience – I've already heard from some supporters who spelled my name slightly wrong, so I look forward to learning if the election office will uphold their statement that minor misspellings are ok – and what defines “minor” to them.


“Any abbreviation, misspelling, or minor variation in the form of the
name of a candidate shall be disregarded in determining the validity
of the write-in vote as long as the intended candidate can be
DM:  I want to thank you again for your time during this very busy week.  In closing, what would you personally like to say to the readers and voters?
AP:  Thank you for your support and time. Peace be with you and us all.

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