Sunday, October 12, 2014

Questionnaire Sent to Washington County Commissioner Candidates

This was sent out a bit later than I would have liked, but I finally sent out to the County Commissioner candidates the following questionnaire.  I will post responses as I receive them.

I am the editor of the WashCo Chronicle, an independent news source for Washington County, and currently working on covering local elections. Since you are a candidate in the November Gubernatorial Election, the following are the questions I wish to cover as part of the WashCo Chronicle.  Your assistance with this will be appreciated!

All responses will be published as received, and no editorial comments will be added.  Nothing will be added or removed from your response, so that voters can see the "raw" story.  All candidates are being sent the same questions.

Your participation is much appreciated!

1) Why should the citizens of Washington County vote for you to become a member of the County Commissioners?

2) What do you feel is the most important challenge currently facing our county? How will you address this challenge?

3) What are your thoughts on the Western Maryland New State Initiative - an attempt to break off Western Maryland from the rest of the Maryland, in order to better protect the our area's interests?

4) With the increase in cost of running fire and ems service in Washington County and the decrease in volunteerism how do you plan to increase funding or do you plan to propose a fire tax?

5) If elected, what will you do to bring more businesses into Washington County, and boost our economy?

6) Do you have any closing statements you'd like to include?

Thank you very much for participating! There is no word limit, and no deadline for submission. Of course, submitting after election day would be counter productive.  Responses will be posted to the WashCo Chronicle as they are received from the candidates.

Ken Buckler
Editor, WashCo Chronicle

The status of each candidate's response will be updated below as they are received.

Beall, Brian  (Awaiting Response)

Bowers, Ronald L  (Received)

Miller, Millard H. Jr.  (Awaiting Response)

Miller, Paul F.  (Awaiting Response)

Baker, Terry  (Awaiting Response)

Barr, John F.  (Received)

Cline, Jeff  (Awaiting Response)

Myers, LeRoy  (Awaiting Response)

Wivell, William Joseph  (Awaiting Response)