Saturday, July 5, 2014

Discovery Station Teaches Kids Science, Technology, Culture, and Local History

The following is a guest post from Brittany Wedd, Operations Manager of the Discovery Station.

One of the greatest pleasures that I find in my work at Discovery Station is the responses that we receive from inquisitive children. In case you're not familiar with Discovery Station at Hagerstown, Inc.,  we are a private, non-profit organization (501) (c) (3)  who's mission is to promote informal learning about science, technology, culture and local history. We are able to fullfill our mission through exhibits and programs that are both educational and entertaining. 

The museum is intergenerational and we receive just as many questions, compliments and pure unadulterated awe from parents and grandparents as from anyone. But to receive these from children is what truly fills me with a sense of purpose. When all is said and done, it will be and has forever been the next generation that will enlighten and further our society in the upcoming times.

Discovery Station is encouraging kids to think outside the box with exhibits like "Space and Beyond".  We encourage children to travel the world in our International Gallery and to learn about technological marvels with our Fairchild and Aviation Exhibit!

As a non-profit organization, Discovery Station goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the community and to enhance the lives of everyone walking through the doors. But we need your help. If I may be honest here, it costs the museum over $250,000 to operate each year. One can only imagine how difficult this figure is to meet. We ask the community for their continued support through tax-deductible contributions to benefit the costs associated with operations, program development and exhibit expansions. It is through your support, that Discovery Station can continue reach out into the community and touch the hearts of our visitors to provide a legacy of lasting betterment.

Thank you for your continued support and for adventuring into Discovery!  Please take a moment of your time to visit Discovery Station's online fundraiser at:

Brittany Wedd
Operations Manager
Discovery Station at Hagerstown, Inc.
101 West Washington Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740